The NLI Job Placement Services program is constantly upgraded to give our students the most up-to-date information on the ever-changing job market. We encompasses various components which work towards assisting students and graduates in completing their educational process with gainful employment. NLI has a working relationship with companies and recruiters in the area that provide us with job leads, as well as an externship program for students who would like more experience before entering the job market.

Students are expected to take advantage of our Job Placement Workshops once they have completed 50% or more of their course. The workshops provide our students with essential job search techniques (resume & cover letter writing, interviewing, follow-up) along with many extras such as how to answer the dreaded salary requirement question, social media tips/tricks, and much more!

The Job Placement Workshop series is broken down into 12 interactive, informational classes where students are encouraged not only to listen and learn, but to also share their prior experiences for others to learn from as well. After attending our workshop series, you will be prepared to enter the job market with all of the documents, knowledge and confidence you need to obtain employment. For those who need it, we are also available for meetings with students on a one-on-one basis.

The workshop series, as well as the other services our Job Placement department offers, is free of charge to our students and is highly recommended for anyone who is entering the job market.

In our workshops we cover subjects such as:

Welcome to Job Placement Training:

In the first session, we get to know one another and go over what you want to get out of these workshops. Each group going through the workshop is different, so we like to cater to the needs of each individual in addition to covering the basics. This is also the session where we discuss job loss, intro the elevator pitch, and go over general job searching techniques.

Intro to Resumes:

In Session two, you will get to know how employers see your resume. You’ll learn the importance of your email address, as well as how to portray professionalism through your resume. We will discuss mission statements vs. duties and responsibilities, and explain what it means to have C.A.R. and P.A.R. statements on your resume to make it R.O.A.R.

Detailed Resume Writing:

Session three concentrates on how to format your resumes so they actually get seen by prospective employers. You will learn about applicant tracking systems, and what will help you get through to the next step. We also review & critique current resumes so you can understand what should be changed as well as what should stay the same.

Resume Review:

We dedicate session four to reviewing as many student resumes as possible to make sure you have understood and implemented the resume writing information we’ve provided.

Other Job Search Documents:

A resume may never even be seen if it doesn’t have help. In session five we teach you about all of the supporting documents. Cover letters, job applications, thank you letters, and even business cards all play an important role in your job search. We will not only discuss what these are and their importance, but also teach you what to say and how to format each.

Job Fairs:

Session six focuses on job fairs and how to get the most out of them. We will show you how even if you don’t leave there with a job, a job fair might just be the single most important event you attend while searching for employment.

The Hidden Job Market:

Not every job is advertised, and in our seventh session we will teach you how to get to these unadvertised jobs. You will learn about cold calls & visits, along with the how’s, when’s and why’s of networking.

Social Media:

In our eighth session, we will discuss all aspects of social media. You will learn how to use social media to your advantage, even on sites not necessarily designed for the job market. You will also learn about several sites that can help in many different aspects of your job search.

Interviewing Styles and Techniques:

Long gone are the days of a simple question and answer session between you and the business owner. Being familiar with what you may be faced with is a huge step in being prepared for an interview. Session nine will prepare you for things like the “Stress”, “Panel” or “Audition” Interview, as well as many others.

Top Interview Questions:

We have compiled a list of the top 100 interview questions and how to answer them. We use session 10 to go over this list and answer the questions in the comfort of our classroom, so when you get hit with these (sometimes unnerving) questions in an interview you are fully prepared and know how to answer.

Mock Interviews:

The last two sessions are dedicated to mock interviews. We pull actual job postings and interview each other for these positions. Full interview attire is recommended. These interviews are designed to give you the confidence you need to face any prospective employer. You even have the option for us to record you with your own device if you’d like; that way you can review and possibly improve on some things you may not have realized you had an issue with.

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