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NLI’s labs were built by the same CCIE®s who have designed and built some of the largest Carrier IP and Wireless networks in use today. NLI’s labs represent the essence of the worlds most technically advanced and sophisticated networks scaled down into a lab environment where a deep understanding of how it all works can be easily absorbed.

A network is much more than a compilation of network devices configured to work together. Today’s sophisticated networks are living breathing entities. Each network possessing a unique personality or quirks based on its original design, implementation and how it has evolved through time to meet the demands of customers.

Anyone can fill a lab with the latest network equipment for IT certification training. But it takes leveraging the knowledge from actual experiences of building the world’s largest networks and IT environments to replicate the real-world into the right lab environment to effectively conveying technical principals, applications and best practices.

The highest paid IT professionals will tell you “one of the fundamental reasons why they were able to distinguish themselves can be directly attributed to having ongoing access to sophisticated lab resources, to hone their skills”. NLI’s Free Lifetime Lab Access Program gives you access to practice your Cisco certification training, Microsoft Certification training which gives you the competitive advantage now and throughout your career.

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